Simple Bath Remodel Tips To Update Your Bathroom

When was the last time your bathroom was remodeled? If you’re like some homeowners, the bathroom hasn’t been changed in years. If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, where would you start? Pay attention to the following information for a few great bath remodel tips.

Before you begin ripping out sinks and tiles, take a nice long look at your bathroom. Note the small changes that can be done first. For instance, are the floor tiles intact? Do they look dull and aged? Updating the floor tiles can be a great DIY project for a homeowner. If you’re looking for low maintenance options, skip porous tiles and focus on porcelain instead. Porcelain tiles are easier to clean and are less likely to stain.

What about your bathroom sink? Changing the bathroom sink can do wonders for a bathroom. Take a trip to your local home improvement store to look at the sink options they have available. However, don’t pick a sink just yet. Homeowners often think replacing the bathroom sink is a pretty simple task, but it might be just the opposite. For this project, you’ll be dealing with the plumbing. Unless you know what you’re doing, it might be best to hire someone for this job.

Another job that may require the expertise of a professional is updating the bathroom tub. Again, this will involve working with your home’s plumbing. If you try doing this job on your own, you could end up making several costly mistakes. Consider hiring a home improvement professionals to replace your tub. They’ll make sure the old tub is correctly removed and the new one is properly installed. In addition to the cost of the tub, a job like this shouldn’t cost anymore than a few hundred dollars.

Use these simple tips to update the look of your bathroom. Again, consider making a few small changes first (i.e. floor tiles, vanity mirrors, etc.). Updating the sink or tub can make your entire bathroom look completely different. However, unless you have sufficient experience with plumbing, call a professional to assist you. With just a few changes, the bathroom can become a standout feature in your home.