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Sunless Tanning Lotion: Tips You Need to Know More and more people are tanning their skins to protect against excess UV penetration into the cells or for other reasons. Exposing oneself to the sunlight or another UV source comes with risks. One may get sunburns, increased risks of skin cancer, depressed immune system function, and accelerated skin aging among other negative effects. The use of sunless tanning lotion is an option that is UV-free meaning the risks involved are not there. When looking for a sunless tanning lotion for your use you always need to choose the right ones if you are to appreciate the results. Similarly you need to be considerate on how you use them. Below are top sunless tanning lotion tips. Only purchase authentic products
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The increased demand for these sunless tanning lotions has seen quite a number of them being made. Not all are as effective as they claim to be, you therefore need to be considerate of what you buy. Always ask for a genuine lotion whenever you are shopping for one. Careful choose where you are buying from, they should have a reputation for selling high quality and genuine products. Also be wary of extremely low products, they could be of poor quality.
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Not every sunless tanning lotion is good for you Each one’s skin will work better with certain products over other. When you apply a sunless tanning lotion it should be able to give you a more natural tanning appearance. It is therefore important to know your specific needs when shopping for the tanning lotion. It is therefore important you buy what works for skin type as a product that is incompatible may turn out to be harmful. Always make sure the type you buy is compatible with your skin. Apply it correctly The reason your sunless tanning lotion is not as effective as you would want it to be could be the way you apply it on you. For instance you would have to rid your body of the hair you don’t need before applying the tanning lotion. For men this includes the chest and face, while for women it may include the underarms and legs among other areas. Exfoliating the skin to rid the dead skin cells is also important before applying the sunless tanning lotion. Dry the skin after the shaving and exfoliating, and apply the lotion in short circular motions with your gloves on. Also to prevent the eyebrows from being affected by the tanning lotion you may have to apply some Vaseline on them. Before putting on your clothes or go to bed, the sunless tanning lotion you applied will need about an hour. This will be ample time for it dry and start working. Again finding a sunless tanning lotion that works best for you should be the priority since our skins tend to be different.