Sea and Sand and Sea Glass

One of the best parts of using sea glass in my hobby of jewelry making is being able to be on the beach. I love the smell of salt water and the feel of sand beneath my feet. When I am going sea glassing I tell my husband that I’m going for sea and sand and sea glass. Here is an article from Caribbean News Network that talks about where to find sea glass in the Caribbean.

I enjoy glassing around my home on the eastern shore of Maryland, but I have to admit that I enjoy it even more when the warm Caribbean breezes are caressing me and I’m being warmed by the sun. While I have found some lovely sea glass near my home I have found some unbelievably gorgeous sea glass while in the Caribbean.

There are quite a few beaches well known in the Caribbean for good sea glassing. Some of them are Antonios Beach, Puerto Rico, Abaco Islands, Bahamas, and Building Bay, Bermuda. If you are able to visit any of these beautiful beaches you are lucky. If you are able to find sea glass on them you are even more lucky! And, if you’re like me and are in it for the sea and sand then you’ll be in heaven!