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A recent article on Hampton creek on Newswire has prompted many people to research the vegan food choices available. Over the last ten years, there has been a greater level of acceptance of vegans and their beliefs. Even those who are not vegans are embracing some of their practices. This is leading more and more food manufacturers to produce vegan options in their food lines.

One of the biggest obstacles in creating vegan food products is the inability to use traditional animal products such as eggs, butter, and milk. These products are elementary for creating a variety of food products which is why there are so few vegan food choices on the market.

Hampton Creek has sought an innovative approach in replacing animal products in food manufacturing. Their success has hinged on consummate research that has resulted in a comprehensive database of plants and plant combinations that can be used to replace traditional animal products in food creation. Through their research they have even been successful in discovering a pea protein that has allowed them to create an egg substitute.

Their egg substitute has been instrumental in allowing them to create their Just line of food products. Just Mayo, Just Cookies, and Just Cookie Dough have allowed them to launch a line of vegan food products that are changing the way people think about vegan foods. No longer are vegans stuck with cardboard cookies and oily, tasteless mayo.

These products taste just like their animal product predecessors. Instead of unhealthy dyes and chemical additives, Hampton Creek has sought to introduce a wide variety of plant-based alternatives that allow for the same tastes and mouth feels of foods created with animal products. The truly delicious taste of their products has allowed them to rise in popularity so their products are now being sold in a variety of retail markets and are being served in schools across the country.

If you are a vegan who was been disappointed with the vegan food offerings available on the market, it is time for you to check out Hampton Creek and all their Just line of foods. These foods will allow you to experience the tastes you have been longing for.